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Cigna Joins List Of Firms Punishing Lawmakers Tied to Capitol Riots

Health insurance giant Cigna pledged last month to stop donating to U.S. politicians who “encouraged or supported violence” during the recent Capitol riots. So reports CNBC.

capitol 32310 640“Some issues are so foundational to our core fiber that they transcend all other matters of public policy,” John Murabito, chief human resources officer, told employees in an email. “There is never any justification for violence or destruction of the kind we saw at the U.S. Capitol–the building that [is] such a powerful symbol of the very democracy that makes our nation strong.”

Murabito added that the firm’s political action committee, known as CignaPac, which directs employee donations to lawmakers who support the company’s agendas “will discontinue support of any elected official who encouraged or supported violence, or otherwise hindered the peaceful transition of power.”

Cigna’s actions follow up on other corporations, including Morgan Stanley and Marriott International, which had called out individual legislators in the Republican Party for supporting efforts to interfere with the confirmation of then President-elect Joe Biden’s win over Donald Trump.

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