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HR in the Spotlight On TikTok

Human resources is getting its 15 minutes of TikTok fame as employees have taken to the social media platform to expose the world to insights on the profession. So reports Morning Brew.

TikTok#HRTok had nearly 25 million views as of the start of the month with HR professionals offering industry wisdom from helping employees with salary negotiations to performance reviews and taking paid-time off all in 15-second video bites.

#HRTok took off during the pandemic, with TikTok stars like Crystal Brown Tatum, HR manager at Texas-based Trax Group, having racked up 42,300 followers with her mostly parody videos including one on new-hire “ghosting.”

Tatum told Morning Brew about the time she attended an HR luncheon where there were two people color out of 120 professionals in attendance.

“In the professional HR circles, I don’t see a lot of people that look like me, but on TikTok, they’re very inclusive of people that look like me, and that’s important for my content to reach that demographic,” Tatum said.

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